Lip Service Stories 2017

It was such an honor to be chosen to participate in Lip Service 2017. Telling a true story in front of an live audience is daunting.  The joy of making the cut was immediately followed by fear and self-doubt. I’d been through the editing process with fiction, but that is nothing when compared to working with an editor to edit a personal narrative. I was fiercely protective of my piece, both it’s tone and content, and fought for my vision. All that fighting helped clear my mind. After multiple rounds of edits,   the essay was finally “show ready.” And so was I. 

I’m so glad I stepped out of my comfort zone and tried writing in another genre and style. This experience taught me to be brave and honest in my writing.  

Plus it was so much fun!  


Trying to look glam with my pharmacy bought glasses. 🤓 


It’s a wrap!  

It’s a wrap!  


Group photo with the participants and producers. I’m the one taking a selfie 🤳 during the group photo.  


What I wore: book fair blue, of course! #DVF dress  


The drive home that night. Just beautiful #Miami