The unhoneymooners

A review for writers: the Unhoneymooners is a fast-paced rom com with an enemies to lovers trope. You’ll get physical comedy, siblings/Twins, a large Latino family that cooks for sport, and plenty of sexy antics in Hawaii.

Review: Next Year in Havana

Next year in havana, chanel cleeton

This is a lovely read/audio production.

Cleeton captures the tragedy of the Cuban exile experience and the fate of a people divided. This moving story links the past and the present, skipping a generation to highlight the lives of a grandmother and granddaughter. The chapters set in pre-revolution Cuba beautifully capture the fear, paranoia, terror of the last days of the Baptista regime. Overall, the elegant tale will stay with you long after you've finished.

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Book Review: Everyone Knows You Go Home

In Sylvester's second novel, realism and surrealism occupy the same space- as in life- or life as I understand it, anyway. Everyone Knows You Go Home follows a group of migrants as they make their way from Mexico to the US. Each short chapter reveals a buried memory, the sacrifices they make, and the price they pay for seeking the American dream. Their actions touch generations. Sylvester's spare writing allows emotion to come through unfiltered. Everyone Knows is a satisfying, timely read.I received a free copy for review, but I purchased the audio version to better inhabit the world Sylvester so artfully created.