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If the American dream is a house with a picket fence, the Miami dream is a luxury condo with endless bay views. My new series, Miami Dreams, features the blood sport of high-end real estate and the young professionals seeking to score. Exclusively Yours (March 2018) focuses on the business end. Top Miami Realtor, Nicolas Adrian, falls madly in love with an ambitious new-comer, Leila Amis. Professional rivalry and passion combine for an exciting read.

Unconditionally Mine (July 2018) shines a light on the buyers' perspective. Attorney Jonathan Gunther is in the market for a sleek Miami Beach house, and with it the promise of a carefree life. But he gets more than he bargains for when he meets Sofia Silva, a real estate event coordinator. Sofia is not looking for a home, she's running from one. Her secrets threaten any chance of happiness. 


Miami Dreams. Harlequin Kimani Press.

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The moment Leila meets her gorgeous new boss – top Miami realtor Nicolas Adrian – she’s headed down a road of no return. When their explosive attraction cumulates in a night of intense passion, she proposes a brief fling that must end when Nick leaves town in just eight weeks. But on the eve of his departure, he turns the tables… and their clandestine affair ends in bitter regrets.

A year later, Nick is back in Miami and he still feels the sting of Leila’s rejection. As they give into long-suppressed desire, Nick’s plan to win her back is threatened by professional rivalry. With even more at stake this time around, can Nick seal the deal and make Leila his forever?

Tonight, despite everything, she wanted him to win.
— Leila